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Become an authority in your industry and generate new clients.


We’ll work with you to develop a solution that will provide result rapidly and in the long-term growth strategy.


We create a natural Link Structure that follows exactly the path of viral content on the internet. There is no magic here, just a tailor made link building system, constantly being updated with new market data.

Content Marketing

Fully Managed Video and Blog Writing Service. Fill your blog with relevant, researched, and professionally written content.

Become an authority in your industry and generate new clients.

Video Marketing

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Thank you Local Finder for the amazing content marketing you’ve done for Kompass North America! We are very happy with the blog articles and the email automation process. Our marketing campaigns have been much more successful with your help.
Local Finder is a great company with caring people who treat each business as if it was their own. They are truly knowledgeable and deeply care about bringing success to the company. I am grateful for their dedication and honesty and would highly recommend them!

Our Clients

FROM ZERO TO 22,000 Visits In 6 Months

This client was both non-US and even Non-English – It’s a French Site.  We had to first create an English-US version of the website and enable a multi-language website. The domain was receiving barely zero visits from Google and even less from the English version.

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