Inbound marketing is essential for schools. It can generate up to 3 times more leads and engagement than any other promotional method. Inbound marketing also has a high conversion rate. The average inbound marketing campaign costs 65% less than the old-school outbound marketing systems. Working with an inbound marketing consultant can provide a school with more credibility and higher trust.

This is because inbound marketing strategies can help you create the most engaging content to boost your school’s digital presence.

Here is everything you need to know about marketing content and why working with a professional consultant can be your best financial decision to propel your school’s brand and values.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Many of the world’s most successful and innovative companies have embraced the art of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is one of the best types of marketing because it helps you create the most valuable content to spread brand awareness.

When you provide information people want, they will be incentivized to jump on your website and stay on it. People will show more interest in the services your school provides or the events you host that you want to advertise.

Luring people to a bake sale would be challenging if they do not hear about it. But, if this information is hidden on your website, you risk the audience not knowing what you want them to do.

This is where inbound marketing becomes most valuable. When you use the right inbound marketing strategies, you can create useful content that aligns with the needs of your target audience.

Whether you want to reach out to students, parents, or other stakeholders, you need to nail inbound marketing to connect with all these people.

Why Hire an Inbound Marketing Consultant?

Inbound marketing content can come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, you can develop e-books, white papers, blogs, webinars, articles, videos, or even infographics.

These are the most common types of inbound marketing content, but you do not need to use all. Always think about your audience and how they like to consume content.

If you want to reach out to students’ parents, do they prefer reading a newsletter or a blog post?

This is research that your school must conduct to creatively serve the needs of your audience. Then your inbound marketing consultant can help you with the heavy lifting.

1. They Bring a Lot of Experience

When you work with an inbound marketing consultant, you can enjoy gaining many years of experience. Consultants are highly qualified. They have a track record of helping many organizations achieve their marketing goals.

They will have all the practical experience you need. They will carry out your inbound marketing plans without disrupting your business. Otherwise, you would have to go through the process of hiring someone.

The recruitment and onboarding process can take a lot of time. So, hiring an inbound marketing consultant to get things moving as soon as they arrive is much easier and cost-effective. This way, you can expect to see positive results and a high ROI much sooner.

2. They Have Specialized Skills

Many small businesses underestimate the responsibilities of an inbound marketer. If you decide to hire someone yourself, you will need to spend a lot of time sifting through resumes to find the perfect candidate.

This is because not every person will have the right skills you need to revamp your marketing content. When it comes to inbound marketing, you need a proper team that specializes in social media, web design, CMS, SEO, and content creation.

By getting in touch with an inbound marketing consultant, you get to unload some of this burden instead of deepening your financial woes. With the right agency, you can get in touch with all the experts you need without going through the recruitment and hiring process.

3. They Can Help You Hit the Ground Quickly

If you give your inbound marketing work to your current employees, they will need training. Or else they may not know how to use the right methodology and software.

They may not understand your inbound marketing strategic plans, let alone execute them successfully. You need the right people with the right experience to hit the ground fast before you lose more money and opportunities.

An inbound marketing consultant will have the right knowledge and acumen. This way, they can enforce and create your strategies in the least amount of time.

Otherwise, your marketing efforts will not achieve a positive impact, and you risk losing interest in your audience. Agencies have the staff and training to help businesses take their inbound strategies to the next level.

4. They Can Help You Save a Lot of Money

You will save a ton of money when you do not have to hire an entire in-house team to do all your inbound marketing work. With an in-house team, you risk spending more money waiting for those people to finish all their training and relevant courses.

Depending on your school’s guidelines and policies, getting your employees ready to tackle all your marketing problems could take several months. You will also have to pay people while they are getting trained.

However, if you work with an inbound marketing consultant, you can have an arrangement where you invest a monthly sum instead of investing in an entire department of in-house staff members.

This is a surefire way to save a lot of money you can reinvest in other parts of your company to accelerate growth.

5. Consultants Are a Safe Bet

Hiring someone to work full-time in your marketing department can always be risky. People often make mistakes, especially because marketing is super tough and competitive.

When you invest your marketing budget, you want to ensure your money is in good hands. You want to work with someone you can rely on to help generate a healthy return on your investment.

An inbound marketing consultant has specialized skills to ensure that there are no costly mistakes. This way, you will not need a significant margin for error.

An agency is typically made up of collaborative consultants who want to get the best results for their clients.

They will go out of their way to find a creative solution for your school’s marketing problems thanks to their combined knowledge and experience.

6. You Can Save Money on Office Space

Another advantage of working with an inbound marketing consultant is that you are guaranteed to save a lot of money on office space. Rents are currently skyrocketing and out of control, and businesses are strapping to save as much money as possible.

Numerous organizations are downsizing to smaller offices in a race to cut costs. So, working with an inbound marketing consultant will help you avoid hiring a costly full-time team that requires a lot of office space and meeting rooms.

This way, you can keep all the classrooms for students instead of letting a marketing team take over. The best part is that your consultant will also have their own break room, so you do not need to provide one for them.

7. You Can Avoid Outbound Marketing Problems

Even though outbound marketing can also be necessary for a business, it can be expensive if you invest too much in that direction. This is because print ads, posters, and paid web ads are all a big gamble.

You can never be sure if you will gain a return from these because it is like throwing sand into the wind and hoping it catches onto something.

Instead of throwing money at things and hoping your luck will pay off, having a healthy inbound marketing strategy that your consultant can help you with is much more cost-effective.

This way, you never risk investing too much in either outbound or inbound marketing because your consultant can help you strategize ways to balance these to get the best of both worlds.

8. Consultants Help Set Realistic Targets

Many schools need to set the right inbound marketing targets. It is essential to remember that this is a long-term marketing game. It will take a while before you see your school’s website attract visitors to inform them of your curriculum.

If your organization creates unrealistic goals, you risk jumping ship before the positive results start rolling in. Making a significant digital impact and seeing positive results can take eight to nine months.

So, it would help if you were prepared to commit to inbound marketing. Then your consultant can provide you with a lot of in-depth insights into web optimization and content creation to keep your head in the game for the best outcomes.

9. They Know the Best Marketing Software

With so much data in the world, making any sense of it without the right marketing software is tough.

An in-house team member at your school may be good with Facebook ads, but they may need to be more skilled to work with some of the latest marketing technology.

Even the jargon can be tricky. After all, search engine optimization can be quite a mouthful in many ways.

With a trained inbound marketing consultant, you can confidently rest assured that you are paying for someone with all the skills to use the best software to help you gain valuable insights.

10. You Will Receive Valuable and Objective Feedback

Giving all the inbound marketing work to an in-house staff member creates a power imbalance. An in-house team member would not want to jeopardize their job, reputation, social relations, and so much more by telling you what you do not want to hear.

They will always be on their best behavior and sugarcoat things to keep you happy. This is why it is essential to have a consultant who can provide a different perspective to help you fix significant problems with your marketing strategies.

11. You Will Have the Most Consistent Content

Nothing is more annoying than stumbling on a website that looks like 20 people came together and created it during their lunch break. Inconsistency can kill a brand faster than anything.

Even though you are a school and not a regular business, you still need to maintain a powerful brand if you want to attract good press to boost enrollments.

Your business tone of voice and other elements across your school’s website must always be consistent. Or else you will not increase brand awareness. Your content should also never be any spelling, grammar, or factual errors.

12. They Can Boost Your School’s SEO Impact

Your inbound marketing consultant will have highly skipped professionals who can significantly increase the impact of your website regarding SEO. This way, your school can come up on top of others in the area.

This is necessary because people have a very short attention span when they browse for information online.

If someone types in a keyword to search for schools in the area, you want to ensure that yours pops up in the first few results. This can be achieved by publishing quality content and gaining a lot of brand awareness.

13. They Focus on the Inbound Process

The success of your inbound marketing plan will depend on your likelihood of attracting new visitors to your site and how you convert them. It is all about nurturing your contacts.

Whether they be future students, their parents, or other educators who want to get involved with your organization, your consultant will be ready and available to carry out your strategy effectively.

They will focus entirely on the inbound process to care for your ideal buyer personas to help you achieve your marketing objectives. This way, you can divide more time and resources to other parts of your organization, especially in advertising or event planning.

Work With a Marketing Agency Today

Now that you know the top benefits of working with an inbound marketing consultant, it is time to revamp your content.

Then you can reach the right audience to generate a healthy ROI. Contact us today, and we can provide the best marketing services to propel your school’s brand in no time.


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