Facebook CEO and tech zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg said recently that in the future he expects the majority of content consumed online to be video. Whether he’s right or wrong (he’s obviously gotten some things right) it’s more evidence of the fact that, for businesses particularly, video marketing is both the future and the present of effective advertising, including lead generation. It’s something that you’re going to want to take advantage in a methodical way. Here are half a dozen quick tips to get you started on the track when it comes to using video marketing for lead generation.

Content is Key

In the era of content marketing, it is vital to create content that gives something of value to the viewer. We may still be forced to watch irrelevant fluff ads on TV, but on the web, the most successful video material when it comes to sales and lead generation is material that gives the prospect information they can actually use.

Why is this good for you? Because it establishes credibility for your brand and makes the customer willing to hand over his or her contact information and consider buying your product or service. How-to videos, product reviews, or anything else that demonstrates you or your business’s expertise in a way that directly benefits the user will benefit you as well when it comes to converting that lead.

Location, Location, (Format), Location

When you are uploading video content, there is a tendency to want to put it everywhere in the hopes that you’ll catch as many eyes as possible. Different types of video formats, uploaded from different video platforms mind you, will actually work better in different locations.

YouTube is everyone’s go-to platform when it comes to uploading videos, and in general, YouTube is tremendously useful. But there are some drawbacks. YouTube may place advertisements before your video, driving some impatient viewers away. Facebook will also lower the rank of your video on its newsfeed if you upload it from YouTube (thanks, Zuckerberg).

Linking to YouTube from blogs or other links set in different places is a great idea, and having a good-looking YouTube page is certainly a must. But don’t be afraid to upload video material directly to Facebook, or use formats like Vimeo on your landing page where users won’t have to deal with advertisements.

Remember, at the end of the day its about getting leads and grow your business, not necessarily hitting that million view mark on your YouTube page. Do what is most likely to convert views to leads, and leads to sales.

Levity and Brevity

One thing that is clear about your typical web surfer is that he or she is not likely to have the patience to sit through a 5 or 10 minute infomercial about your (or anybody else’s) product or service right out of the blue. Remember, you don’t have a captive audience like you would on television. A person can always click on something else, and most likely will after looking down to see a 5-minute run time on your video (heck, even on TV people change channels on long, boring ads).

Remember, lead generation occurs as you are introducing yourself to the prospect, so the point of the video is to be an effective introduction. Make it upbeat, humorous even, and keep it brief. Let the customer know in a cheery voice with some snappy editing or animation why you have the best burger or the best ink cartridges, and provide a direct and easy call to action (click here, sign up here, etc.).

Embedded Email Collector

Some video platforms allow you to place a link in the video, allowing you to direct the viewer to give you their email before the video is over. That’s not a bad idea if you can find a place about a fifth of the way through to insert it. Just be sure that the first fifth of your video is compelling enough that viewers want to sign up.

“Please Subscribe”

If you have an active video channel always ask viewers to subscribe. Subscriptions equal more views; more views equals more chances to gain clicks and leads. It’s a no brainer.

Keep Track of Responses

Finally, pay attention to the effectiveness of your video campaigns. There are analytic tools that measure likes, comments, clicks on links, and other metrics to allow you to see what materials work best, and where. Stay on top of your material, and you’ll find the formula that works best for you.

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