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What is Our Local SEO Service?

It’s an effective ranking machine. We succeed where other local SEO services fail. We’ve crawled hundreds of thousands of top-ranked Google+ Local pages. We know what drives your rank up, and we back our decisions with data. If it doesn’t impact rankings, we don’t do it.

Our service:

  •  Is backed by hard data from thousands of hours of testing.
  •  Builds custom campaigns for you. We don’t work by templates. We work to fulfill your unique needs. No two campaigns are the same.
  •  Includes clear reporting.
  •  Belongs to you. Everything we deliver becomes your property. That includes profiles, logins, and more.
  •  Includes a Citation Audit. This lets you know what needs to be changed when you need to perfect your local position.
  •   Gives you valuable citations. Google will know you’re the real thing. We never make spammy content.
  •   Offers you a long-lasting strategy for local ranking.
  •   Works with any organic link-building strategy you may be using.

Use the 4 Major Local SEO Components

Here’s a short summary, then we’ll go over it in more depth below:

Full citation audit

Consistency is the key to any local SEO strategy. That’s why we start with a full evaluation.

Local directory citations

Local SEO can’t get off the ground without local directory citations. That’s why we make sure you’re cited in all the best directories.

Rich media citations

Maybe you think a directory citation is just a citation. We make them count. We include tagged photos, videos, and citations from rich media sources, making your citations as strong as possible.

Social citations

With social media getting more important every year, we keep you ahead of the competition with citations from social media.

In-Depth Overview

  1.    Full Citation Audit

This is a crucial step. Without a full audit, you’re just throwing money away. Some services might tell you that you don’t need it. You do.

This is a detailed and intensive process. We catalog all your citations, correct or incorrect. This avoids any duplicate citations later on. By the end of this process, we’ll give you a detailed report showing you how to effectively repair incorrect citations.

  1.    Local Directory Citations

We want to get you listed in the best local directories for your niche. Every situation is different, so we use different strategies to decide which directories to submit to for you.

These strategies are:

  • Ego directories  (The most popular authority directories).
  • Competitor directories (We use your keywords to find which citations are important to your industry and SERPs).
  • Competitor review directories (We find and use competitor review directories to find which ones Google trusts).

Where we can, we get into the most important directories. We give detailed instructions for all the others and allow the client to verify them. (This is because some directories require you to verify directly.) Then we send you a report that includes all login info.

  1.    Rich Media Citations

These come in two types:

  •    Video

We put together whiteboard video slideshows. These include music, pictures, and text. These videos are optimized as much as possible and include geo-metadata. Once we make the video we submit them to the best video hosting sources—meaning high authority links and citations for you.

  •   Photos

With this, we start out with 10 images—ideally relevant and representative of your brand. We give these the same kind of optimizations treatment we give the videos—including geo-metadata. Then we submit them to top image sources, giving you more authority links and citations.

  1.    Social Citations

With this module, we create manual submissions. We add media and content that results in authority links and citations. All to bring you those local SEO rankings you need.

Get Your Citations Audited by the Best

 You know citations matter for local SEO. But how do you know which directories matter, out of the hundreds that are out there? Which citations do you have? Which ones do you need? Which ones aren’t correct? With the citation audit, we’ll manually go through the web to help you find exactly where you stand. We’ll conclude with a beautiful report with:

o   All NAP Variations

We’ll find all your profile variations and let you know which ones could be harming your rankings.

o   Existing Correct Citations

We’ll identify the citations you have that are correct.

o   Incorrect Citations

We’ll find any citations that are incorrect and show you how to fix them.

o   Aggregator Citations

We’ll check the major aggregator sites and let you know if any of them have false data on you.

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