Is your video marketing campaign ready for the turn of the year?

Creating videos for social media is one of the most effective ways to get conversions. A recent study shows that 87% of business owners feel satisfied with the return of investment in video marketing.

However, as trends do, they come and go. Below, we’ve got a list of the top video marketing trends that are sure to be all the rage this 2020. Keep reading to find out which trends you can use to boost your marketing game.

1. Vlogging

Have you ever wondered what made vlog channels so popular? Creativity is a big part of it, yes. Yet, vloggers-turned-influencers used more than creativity to reach success. 

Before we talk about these other key components, you first need to reflect on a few things. Why make professionally-produced content if the audience doesn’t feel it’s relevant? How can audiences forget even the most creative of videos within a few days?

The answers lie in how relatable the content is. It’s why YouTube channels on mundane things can get a million subscribers and raise a net worth of $50 million. The content may seem boring however viewers love its relatable authenticity.

If you want to do the same for your brand, focus on that: relatable, authentic content. Humanize your brand by going behind the scenes. Show your consumers the problems you encountered and how you dealt with them.

Give the audience a tour around the office on typical days. Take videos of a product launch or the preparations you did for it. Add these to your company’s YouTube channel or create a video blog on your website.

This is also great for small business owners who more online presence for their brand. All you need to do is invest in decent videotaping equipment and editing programs. Invest a bit of your time to edit your videos and post them online.

2. Shoppable videos

A shoppable video is a video ad with links to products within the video. It’s a type of interactive video that lets you see what the seller is offering. For example, if your brand is selling a bag, users can hover over the bag and see information about it.

The interactive feature of shoppable videos lets buyers focus on certain items only. They don’t have to sit through an entire video or risk skipping interesting parts. This reduces their time shopping online.

Plus, they can clink links that bring them right to your landing page. This strategy can get you more inbound traffic. 

The term ‘shoppable video’ is making its way to the trending list. This new video marketing trend began in Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Now, the technique is more refined. 

A relevant and effective way of making a shoppable video is to make a review video. Another way is to shoot a comparison video. Get creative and find out how you can market your products online.

3. Stories

Speaking of Instagram Stories, the Stories feature is one trend that will stick this 2020. A lot of social media platforms already have this feature. That includes Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and even Medium. 

Though these stories are ephemeral, they have a big impact on viewers. It’s an especially effective tactic capitalizing on the viewers’ FOMO or the fear of missing out. It’s also worth noting that a quarter of millennial shoppers spend several times a year because of FOMO.

Video-type stories are very easy to make. You don’t need third-party programs or apps to upload one. However, you can still use them to improve the quality of your Story.

Facebook is a great starting point for uploading video marketing stories. After seeing a product in a Facebook Story, 62% of people say they become more interested in it. Don’t forget to provide links and other details where viewers can check out your products.

4. Live-Streaming or Live Video

Do you remember the late-night TV shows that only feature home appliances? Their biggest sales strategy was to get viewers to pick up their phones and order the products “as seen on TV”. In a way, it’s the grandfather of the live video marketing technique.

When you put your products up on a live-stream, you’re doing the same thing. The differences lie in the type of media and the mode of communication with your viewers. Selling and buying on live videos is easier through the chat feature.

Live-streaming is a way to speak straight to your audience and in real-time. They shoot their questions through the video chat and you answer them aloud when you read them. There might be delays that last a second to a minute but it’s the closest we can get to real-time right now.

The nature of live-streamed videos is they highlight human engagement in real-time. In essence, you and your audience both take advantage of the nature of the live video. This in-the-moment element of the video is what makes it so powerful.

Would you watch an hour-long live stream after it’s done? If it’s a video of your favorite tabletop gaming channel, you might. However, we doubt you’d want to see an upload of a live stream shopping video.

5. AR, VR, and Interactive 360 Videos

Do you want your product marketing to stand out? Use this more immersive video marketing trend to get viewers interested. At this point, it’s still a “new” video format, even though it’s been around for years.

AR or augmented reality uses what’s around your viewers. It adds to that reality around them like how Snapchat puts makeup on your face. Another example is how Pokemon GO places Pokemon in the real world through the user’s phone.

A relevant example is the interactive makeup tutorial by the beauty brand Maybelline. The platform lets users watch the video and buy from their mobile phones. This was part of the launching of their product line in North America and Europe.

VR or virtual reality places users in a virtual world. This works best with VR headsets or smart devices like the Oculus Rift. This is where 360-degree videos shine most. 

The ideal businesses for this include those in real estate and interior design. Interested customers can take tours of your projects without having to leave home. Right now, they work best for travel and event companies as well. 

Not every brand can optimize their products in a 360-degree video. However, you can always find ways to twist these videos to your advantage. Tell unique stories, stand out, and drive higher sales with interactive videos.

7. Videos that Are Social Media-, Mobile-, and Tablet-Friendly

Almost everyone uses a mobile device or two. Thanks to easier access to these devices, things such as mobile shopping and mobile ads exist. Consumers are more likely to share 92% of videos on mobile than other modes of access.

More viewers on mobile mean your video content should be presentable on mobile. It means changing your video specs to fit mobile device screens. This includes creating vertical or square videos for different social media platforms.

The traditional video format can get cropped out when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. In other cases, if the phone screen must fit the entire video, it can look too small. Social media like Instagram display videos in the square format, risking cropped-out areas.

Before you publish a video on social media, make sure you know their specifications first. Square and vertical videos are the safest choices if you want one editing for all platforms.

8. Videos That Show, Not Explain

One of the top trends 2020 has to offer is videos that show more and explain less. This video format cuts the video shorter but makes it more comprehensive. Plus, it can show off all the features of a product within a few minutes.

If you ever need to explain anything, edit text onto the video. Think DIY baking videos by Tasty. You can also grab someone to voiceover parts that need explaining.

For example, you have an anti-theft laptop bag. Film the video in instances where a thief might try to slash the bag without the wearer noticing. Later, film the wearer taking out all its contents to show off how many items one can place in the bag.

In the video, spill water on the bag to show its waterproof features. Show someone placing a dumbbell inside the bag to display the durability of its straps. You now have a promotional video of your anti-theft laptop bag product that spans only 3 minutes or fewer.

9. Silent Videos

Thanks to the autoplay feature on Facebook videos, we’re in a new era of silent videos. It became one of the top video marketing trends when the other platforms used autoplay in videos too. Likely, Facebook didn’t predict consumers would watch videos sans sound.

Now, the consumption of silent videos is pretty widespread. In fact, 94% of consumers view videos on their mobile devices with the sound off. Instead of listening to a speaker, they instead read from captions.

You can connect this with the previous trend as well. Viewers aren’t turning on the sounds on videos. As a result, marketers began to show rather than explain their products.

If you want to create product videos to publish online, make sure it’s watchable even without sounds. Make sure it gives context and imagery so viewers can understand them from sight alone. Use captions if you’re going to add a voiceover to your video. 

10. Videos That Target Specific Audiences

Up next on the list is the rise of videos with messages targeted to specific groups. We all know that catering to a general audience is a great way to catch the interest of many. However, if your product is more fitting for a niche community, this is the bandwagon you want to jump onto.

This type of video marketing strategy places customer-first messages. It’s an effective use of video marketing that also engages specific groups. This is perfect for products that don’t fit the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Plus, thanks to custom audiences, it’s easy to reach your audience. For example, Facebook allows you to target viewers in specific demographics and ages. When you use this feature, Facebook shows your ads to the target audience you specified.

11. Videos Encouraging User-Generated Content

Before marketing became a system, word-of-mouth marketing has been the primary marketing tactic. Even now in the digital age, word-of-mouth marketing endures. Users trust other users above anyone else, even more than the brands. 

For top marketers, it’s only practical to wield this trust between consumers as a weapon against their competition. The way they do this is to encourage user-generated videos. Some examples of user-generated content include unboxing and review videos.

If you see people creating videos of your products, share it on social media. This encourages others to create videos hoping the brand will share theirs online too. It’s one way to create a buzz around your brand.

Note that this video marketing technique works best when you have a decent following.

12. Video Tutorials, DIY Videos, eLearning 

Did you know that video tutorials are the reason for the current video boom? Not everyone can sit down and take the time to read through the user’s manual. One way to make this task easier for them is to create videos that teach them how to use the products. 

Some people like an audiovisual guide they can follow. Others prefer that someone explain the process to them. For some, it’s the tutorials they want to see first before they buy the product.

DIY or Do-It-Yourself videos show users how to be creative with your products. For example, upload a DIY fairy lantern that features a battery-operated LED light. Plus, users can use the chat or comments to ask and answer questions. 

Upload your video tutorials on YouTube for free. You can also publish them on sites like Masterclass and Skillshare.

Take Advantage of These Video Marketing Trends!

These 2020 video marketing trends will be some of the most impactful fads of the year. Remember, these trends may last till the end of the year or disappear in the midst of it, as trends are wont to do. Still, they’re worth exploring and trying.

Find where your products and services will shine best. Publish these videos in samples and watch your analytics before you commit all-out. This way, you know which trend works best for you.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on the top trends in video marketing. If you want to see more content on optimizing your digital marketing, check out our blog. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.


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