Do you want to rise your sells? Is the promotion that you are using not giving you the boost that your business needs? Are you full of doubts about the use of a video for promoting your brand?

If so, then you have come to the right place for information.

Video Content Marketing is an upward trend that brands and professionals can use, with great benefits over other forms of communication, to connect with their customers.

In a fully digital world such as this, in which Internet access devices encourage the use of videos, the need to use this strategy in any of your marketing plans becomes ever more present.

The Magic of It

Wouldn’t it be absurd to know a strategy that increases your sales and not use it for your benefit?

Well, that is exactly what is happening with video marketing.

Integrating audiovisual content into a marketing strategy not only improves personal branding and search engine positioning, but it also revolutionizes conversion ratios and sales figures.

We could say that Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook Creator, was one of the first to give this step through Facebook.

Why not take it a step forward and do it live?

The concept called Video Content has allowed us via Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Periscope (Twitter) to know first-hand consumer’s opinion who can interact at all times while the live broadcast is made. 

Connecting people within a personal level, but also Business (It is also to get more and closer to our customers by making them participant and getting that they are a vital part of the brand).

Are you one of those who thinks that video content marketing does not have much potential?


Today we will not only explain what audiovisual marketing is but also I will detail all the benefits it implies for your business. And all endorsed with data and statistics. 

Do you think that you will continue thinking the same thing when finishing the post?

We will see it.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Audiovisual marketing may be defined as “The use of a video in order to promote any kinds of products or services to better achieve objectives within a marketing strategy”.

This definition is correct, but it seems to be pretty lame.

The definition of Wikipedia says that the objective of video marketing is the promotion of a product or service. Although this statement is true it falls short, with the video we can achieve many more objectives.

When you integrate audiovisual content in your marketing plan you can achieve improvements in many aspects (and not all): 

  • Content Marketing
  • Personal Brand
  • Web Positioning
  • Number of clicks (CTR) in your email marketing campaigns
  • Ratio conversion, etc.

This is a wow effect.

Video Content Marketing tries to use the videos and everything that comes from the audiovisual world to boost the brand, either to convert visits into sales or to add value to the product.

This is a digital marketing strategy, to which many companies are betting on their increasing consumption by users and their high effectiveness. 

Now, it would be vague to remain in the idea that all the videos are to promote a product because, in reality, it is the opposite.

Video Marketing adds value to the brand, gives it personality and uses it because, just as photography had a crucial moment – and still does – within the online world, a video is even more addictive and effective.

Importance of video in Digital Marketing

80% of companies already incorporated audiovisual resources into their Digital Marketing strategy. This is because the videos immediately call the user’s attention.

But, how is the user today?

They are content consumers, who all thirst for the internet all day. They are classified into generations, such as millennials and generation Z. 

Millennial is the name that is given to people who were born in the 80s to the year 2000, and generation Z is all children and adolescents, who were almost born and already had a cell phone in hand.

However, the online world affects everyone equally.

Among so much information, blogs, websites, posts on social networks and images, we are over informed.

The content on the web has no limits, that’s why Video Marketing tries to capture that attention in a more dynamic way, and separate from the rest, thanks to audiovisual resources.

Why can Video Content Marketing help me? 

If you are a small business or a self-employed person, it is possible that you have asked yourself this question.

For quite some time now there has been a ridiculous urban legend that only large companies can develop video marketing campaigns.

Believe me when I tell you that the budget is not everything. In many cases, originality and creativity are more powerful than money.

There are many examples of small companies that use videos in their marketing strategies and do not spend a fortune.

An example is Dropbox. Before becoming the giant he is now, he started creating small video tutorials about the tool. The CEO of the company was the narrator.

Get rid of the idea that audiovisual marketing is only for large multinationals.

Even if you are an amateur or a professional you can use videos to improve your results.

12 Benefits of Video Marketing For Business

You may have been making many excuses to not start using audiovisual content in your digital strategy, but after all the figures that I am going to give you, you will have to rethink about it.

Neither the difficulty nor the cost can justify the refusal to improve your sales, your SEO or your personal brand.

But since what you want is facts and not words, here you have the benefits of content marketing.

 1. Communicate More in Less Time

According to Forrester Research: one minute of video equals 1.8 million words.

Without going to assess how long it would take you to write such an amount of text, think about how long it would take to read it.

This is one of the great wonders of videos: we can explain a lot more information in a shorter amount of time.


There is research that shows that the brain is capable of processing 60,000 times faster images than text.

2. An Increase in the Retention of Information

One of the great challenges you have as a professional is to get the user to remember you. In a market with fierce competition, the message that most impacts will prevail. 

Did you know that after 3 days, only 10% of users remember what they read? With the videos, the figure reaches 30%.

Not only do you transmit more and in a much faster way, but you also achieve greater depth in memory.

3. It Gives Power to Your Personal Brand

Nobody escapes the fact that almost all markets are very saturated.

There are many of us who are struggling to open a gap, which is why it is very important to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Whether you are a company, a store or a freelancer, video content marketing helps you to better show who you are and what you do.

Not to mention that there are still many people who are not using video content marketing, so you are facing a great opportunity to stand out in your sector.

4. It Shows Stories with A Greater Emotional Connection 

It is no longer worth only to create good products and services. How many more people and companies are offering something similar?

A lot.

Faced with such an abundant offer, the public looks for another set of variables. People want to know who is behind and what kind of values they transmit. 

This is the reason why storytelling is a tool so used by brands. The stories convey in a simpler way who we are. They humanize us and the viewer empathizes better with us.

If the storytelling you are using channels an easier way to transmit the information and is more attractive, what do you have?

A persuasive bomb.

5. It Improves Search Engine Positioning

Again Forrester Research gives us another piece of information, a video is 50% more likely to be placed in the number 1 of Google Search before another content format.

“Audiovisual content improves the time spent and generates more clicks”

Two criteria that Google takes into account when applying its algorithm.

6. It Generates More Traffic

From the hand of the previous point comes the traffic, the long-awaited visits. 

Such is the power of video content marketing to attract the public, that after an investigation elaborated by Adelie Studios it is valued that the organic traffic can increase up to 157%.

YouTube also has a lot to say on this subject, and that is why Google prioritizes this platform over any other. Without counting that it is already the 2nd most used search engine.

As an added benefit, you have the contents indexed almost instantly.

7. Most Attractive Content 

Do you want your content to capture the interest of the audience?

Use Video Content Marketing: It’s that simple

A study by the company Cisco ensured that in the year 2017, 69% of the information consumed was in audiovisual format.

By 2018 it reached 79%.

8. It Goes Viral Much Faster

There is no possible debate, without a doubt the video format is the champion of virality.

According to Hubspot, 66% of Twitter users say they are interested in seeing the videos developed by brands. 

In case you thought it was not enough, the Adelie Studios report values that videos are shared 1200% more than text and images alone.

9. Position … Also as an Expert

Video Content Marketing also helps you improve your image as a professional.

The audiovisual contents generate confidence and credibility in the user. In your sector, they will begin to see you with different eyes.

10. It Powers the CTR in Email Marketing

Video email marketing is a very powerful tool.

Email marketing is a channel that allows a more personalized and intimate communication with the user. If you add to this the ability to excite and empathize with the videos, you will see that you have a massive sale weapon in front of you.

According to Hubspot, the conversion can increase between 200-300%.

11. Do you Want to Convert? Video, Video, and Video 

We continue with more conversion data that will put your long teeth.

The report of Adelie Studios affirms that the conversion of a landing page with a video can improve 80% or more.

Another statistic ensures that more than 70% of marketers maintain that video is, by far, the content that converts the most. 

12. It Helps To Sell More 

We have finally reached this point.

We wanted to highlight this last point in a special way.

If you notice, all the elements that we have tried will help you sell more: 

  • Better personal brand ⇒ more confidence ⇒ more sales
  • Improve your SEO ⇒ more traffic ⇒ more sales.
  • More viral content ⇒ more promotion ⇒ more sales

But it is also that including videos of your products directly influences your sales figure. 

90% of users maintain that it is useful to watch a video to buy. According to Comscore, 64% of users are more inclined to buy after watching a video. ” 

What Are You Waiting For?

As you see, the figures speak for themselves. Video Content Marketing can increase your sales and improve your business. You will also get your product known in the market faster by using Video Content Marketing. 

So what are you waiting for?

Boost your business RIGHT NOW with Video Content Marketing!

Call us today to see how we can improve your marketing strategy. 


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