Today it is nearly impossible for any industry to reach its target audience without knowing how to use video marketing in its promotions. Every business needs to know how to infuse video in their overall marketing strategy to get noticed. If you’ve been on social media, you’ve seen the shift from images to video. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have made Live streaming the number one way to interact with customers. Every day we see the evolution of video ranging from long-form videos to short, fun clips lasting a few seconds. In this article, we’ll share video marketing tips that are effective and can change how people interact with your school.

Students want information that isn’t weighed down with a lengthy sales pitch. To attract them, you must be able to grasp their attention in the first ten seconds.

Are you ready to explore video marketing ideas that can get people talking? Keep reading for valuable tips on what it takes to get your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

Follow Trending Video Marketing Tips 

Social media and technology continue to evolve. Building a digital blueprint is how successful marketing is measured. People get information differently today than they did ten years ago, which explains why 93% of businesses boast of attracting new clients via video advertisements.

It wasn’t long ago that you would need a massive marketing budget to get in front of your audience. Now, businesses at every level can utilize video marketing services. Your advertising can run alongside corporations with million-dollar budgets, with only a fraction of the expense.

When it comes to video marketing, think of infomercials that you awakened to when you fell asleep with the television on. Now imagine the same concept, but promoting your school to millions of people via social media, Google, and your website.

Now that the numbers show video is the way to go, your goal is to learn how to incorporate current trends into your strategy. Hiring a video marketing agency is the way to go if you want to stay abreast of new methods and changes in the marketing sphere.

The Benefits of Video Marketing Today

The number one goal of a video marketing strategy is to gain exposure for your business. Exposure comes in many forms, and it’s essential to recognize the difference between good exposure and harmful exposure.

You want exposure with a strong brand message, market new products, and services, and make announcements. There is no denying the power of video in today’s digital-driven atmosphere. More important, it’s proven to work and help businesses hit vital metrics. 

Even when things go horribly wrong, video can help you get in front of the problem faster than a press release. We’ve seen CEOs of major corporations get in front of a trending story by acknowledging the problem and the proposed resolution. It stops bad press in its tracks.

Let’s Take a Quick Glance at the Numbers 

We’ve all heard the statement that numbers don’t lie. When it comes to how to use video marketing, the numbers are strong and show positive growth. Any video marketing agency can show you the numbers and the potential behind video campaigns.

Because content marketing is growing fast, the technology to fuel its growth is keeping in line. Video is changing how everything is revealed to the world. We only need to look at the music industry to see how it works.

Apps like Tik Tok and Instagram’s Reels are propelling the careers of music artists, famous and not so famous. The trend now is to create catchy song lyrics that get used in short engagement videos. Before the song hits the charts, people are already familiar with it.  

Online magazine, Inc. created a list of why brands should reconsider how they’re using marketing in promotions. Let’s look at what the numbers show and the data source.

According to Cisco, by 2022, video content will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Forrester believes adding video to email marketing campaigns will increase conversion by 200%. YouTube will see annual increases of up to 100% as more users consume video on mobile devices.

The numbers continue to hold true, and the right video marketing ideas will work well for the demographics of colleges and trade schools.

Reach a New Audience

Video marketing services have proven that you don’t know your target audience until you’ve launched a few ad campaigns. The great part of digital marketing is the real-time accessibility of analytical data. All social media platforms offering business accounts offer reporting analytics.

Now you can immediately see who is engaging with your video marketing and who is following the sales funnel and conversion metrics. 

To set the tone for your video advertising, your brand must be intentional. A video marketing agency will help you define the critical factors of successful marketing. The five Ws continue to drive marketing decisions.

Who is the Face of the Brand?

Geico has the gecko, Liberty Mutual the Emu, while other brands use actors and even the company’s CEO. Creating the face of your brand is not a place where you want to imitate what someone else is doing. This figure must be authentic to your brand.

The face of the brand must consistently relay what your company is offering so that people trust the information they provide. They also must be good at engagement and telling your story.

What Appeals to Your Target Audience?

There is more to video marketing than setting up a camera and recording content. The best video marketing tips include understanding your audience and what they want to know about your brand.

If your trade school focuses on careers in HVAC, create videos that show the benefits of HVAC training and certification. A college or university will want to focus on the college experience.

When to Offer Live Video?

There are two types of video marketing ideas. One is a preplanned and edited video. The other is Live streaming. 

With a preplanned edited video, you’ve already tested the results. You’ve tweaked the video to the point where you have a concise message that hits every point. You can post it to your various outlets and send it out via email marketing.

On the other hand, Live video is often more engaging and reaches a broader audience. With Live streaming, you need to figure out the best time and days to go Live. You also want to understand which platforms you need to use to reach your target audience.

The other great thing about Live video is you can repurpose the content. Create shorter videos, include clips in paid advertising, or create fun blooper videos. 

Where to Place Videos?

We’ve mentioned social media a lot because that is where you’re going to capture your most significant opportunities. However, your website is a great launching pad for video content. 

Review your website to see how much traffic to existing pages your site is garnering. Next, look for ways to incorporate video into those pages. Share links on social media to increase engagement.

Your website, social media, and email marketing should work in conjunction with each other, not as separate tools.

Why are You Creating the Video?

Last but most important, do you understand why you’re creating the video? Understanding why you’re doing the video may seem like a no-brainer, but your video must have a strategy. Before you press record, ask yourself who the video is for and what you expect to get from posting it.

A well-rounded video marketing strategy isn’t just about selling. It’s about taking your audience on a journey. Some videos are to say hello. Others are to inspire or make your audience smile. Too many sales videos can turn people off.

Create a community where people see your brand as a trusted partner. When it’s time to use your product or service, your company is their first thought.

Cost Savings

People are cutting the cord with TV and cable providers. Streaming services are seeing a rise in subscriptions and are more cost-effective when it comes to advertising dollars.

Chances are you your marketing budget doesn’t include millions of dollars for prime time advertising. With video marketing online, you can take advantage of trending topics by posting ads when people are more likely to be online.

The biggest professional football game of the year is $5.6 million, the average cost for a 30 second commercial on TV. However, CBS only charged $500K for a sport on their live stream app. 

For many businesses, $500K is still a far reach. But consider the millions of people on Twitter and Facebook posting during the game. An increased audience is an excellent opportunity to get exposure for a fraction of the cost.

Infomercials are Out Engagement is In

It’s important to know how to use video marketing to your advantage. Infomercials are great if you’re suffering from insomnia at 3 am. For video marketing, it’s about engaging with the viewer.

Your business goal isn’t to make a quick sell. You want people to become a part of your family. Encourage subscribing to your website and social channels and signing up to receive email newsletters and promotions. 

If you’re really good at video marketing, you’ll create brand advocates. People that are willing to share your content and tell others about your awesome product or service.

Doing marketing the right way means your video marketing strategy is taking users on a journey intentionally. 

Videos Can Get Reused and Repurposed

We hit on this earlier. One of the benefits of video marketing is the ability to reuse and repurpose content. A great example is when you create a long-form video. You can cut the video into segments and create multiple posts.

What if a point in a video resonated with your audience. You can use that bit as an introduction to new content focused solely on that topic. Or you can take the audio and place it over a clip generated from images.

A video marketing agency will have creatives on their team to know how to get the best use out of your videos. The best video marketing tip is to look at the old videos and find new ways to use them for your social media content.

Optimize Your Videos

At the heart of digital marketing is an SEO strategy. Unlike baseball, building a website or social media channels doesn’t mean people will come to join your audience. Instead, you must optimize your content to catch the platform’s algorithm. 

Here are techniques to consider when uploading videos online.

  • Use engaging titles
  • Keywords are crucial
  • Build intentional URLs
  • Clear and concise descriptions

Create videos that are informative, but not boring. Speak on your product or service as if you are the expert in that area. Build confidence within your audience. 

Your content should not only be engaging, it must be appealing to search engines and the AI used to rank content.

Don’t Ignore the Viral Effect

Can your video marketing ideas survive the viral effect? First, when you create content going viral should not top the list for why you’re creating the video. Going viral is exciting, but it can also take away from your message.

To be honest, most viral videos have no rhyme or reason for their success. It just happens. Taking advantage of short-form video apps such as Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, or YouTube’s Shorts is an excellent way to show your school’s fun side.

Give them a shot and be grateful if you log in one day and your video has a million views. 

Give Your School the Exposure it Deserves

We hope these video marketing tips have you thinking about creating a video strategy. Video content doesn’t have to be stressful. Create intentional content while also enjoying the process.

Do you need a video marketing agency to launch your digital strategy? Let’s talk! Click here and tell us more about your business and your marketing needs. 


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