Everybody knows that SEO results take time, but we will give you a great secret we learned the hard way over the years.


It took several hours of tests before finally figured it out, everybody loved Immediate results but that’s not how Google works.  

I remember our first client. When we first started doing SEO we built a couple of links, wrote a couple of blog articles, and waited for…nothing. 

No moves in traffic, no keyword indexed. It was so hard for us to explain to our client that we were doing the right thing for them. 

But we insisted and kept on producing: built more backlinks, produced more articles, secured guest posts, did some PR and videos… 

And still, no results. It was very frustrating that we almost gave up with this client. 

But then after almost 6 months, we started to have some movements in the number of indexed keywords. Traffic started to come, the number of keywords they were ranking for was increasing pretty fast.  

We got it! The secret is perseverance.

Most businesses don’t trust  SEO, mostly they buy a few backlinks on Fiverr and it doesn’t work right away so they give up!

This is not the way to do it, perseverance is the way. You have to commit to SEO in the long term.

When you commit to SEO in the long term, great results will come. 

Below is a fitness industry client of ours who has increased their web traffic by over 745%!!

They were hit by a Google penalty after buying spamming links in India. We started our SEO LF-Pack service for 6 months and then they stopped because their traffic was not going up too fast. They got back to us after a while because the traffic was down again. This time they commit and now they finally enjoy a good 10,000 visits per month, which is higher than they ever had before.

In the graph above you can see the timeline – They did SEO consistently for 6 months, but the traffic was not really moving much … but then after the second campaign, the results started coming in!

They kept their commitment with us and multiplied per 5 their original traffic.

Here’s another example of a client who just stuck with it, but this time we did it for 12 months straight…

SEO is a long term game, but with persistence, it can pay a lot.  

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