Do you want to become proficient in explainer video production?

Video is the major form of media used in content strategy. It’s one of the best ways to attract students to your institution or customers to your business.

Explainer video production is no walk in the park. In this guide, we’ll show you how explainer videos work, how to create them, and more. Keep reading until the end for some pro tips on explainer videos.

1. What Are Explainer Videos?

These days, not everyone has the patience to read through a big wall of text. Thus, people look for a different content type that helps them comprehend a topic and also caters to their interests. As the name goes, explainer videos are educational and informative video content. 

Also, video content is more appealing to our visual and auditory senses. Compare video with content presented in text form plus a few images. Video content has the opportunity to be more vibrant and interesting.

Unlike text, video is a medium that can create an immediate connection with audiences. It connects well with audiences that 95 percent of consumers retained information through video. With that said, it’s another reason why explainer videos work so well for both parties.

Different Types Of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos come in different types. Knowing which type to use helps create that connection with your audiences. Below are the various types of explainer videos.

“How-to” videos are one of the first successful types of explainer videos on the internet. They’re also the most common when it comes to describing specific processes or topics. Often, they also have the most details about the topic.

Demo videos are like how-to videos, but they’re more helpful with visuals. They go deeper into greater detail of the process of using a product, for example. They’re some of the most helpful for consumers since they often show a step-by-step process.

The third type is the “benefits” explainer video. This kind of video covers all or a majority of the benefits of a product or service. Often, you’ll see these videos on the landing page of a product or the cover of a website.

Animated videos are the typical formats for abstract concepts. Often, you use metaphors or tangible examples in these videos. You can also use animated videos as a stylistic choice in your explainer videos.

FAQ videos often deal with common questions about a product or service. They work well for all areas, especially for businesses that make complex products. Often, they come in a series to tackle new inquiries or update answers to certain questions.

Virtual reality and 360 videos are those that use virtual reality (VR) tech. This type best suits content that presents an event or space. The viewer has navigational control over their learning while they follow a narrative. 

We also have augmented reality (AR) videos. This type combines both real-life and digital learning, often via smartphone. For example, trade show attendees can point their smartphones at a product to learn more about it.

2. Why You Need To Create Explainer Videos

One reason why explainer videos came to rise is that they’re easier to understand. What makes it easier to understand? Visuals coupled with auditory aids. 

If you’re at school learning about the anatomy of the brain, it’s difficult to remember everything with the description of the brain only. For some people, it’s enough. However, more students will appreciate seeing a diagram as they listen to the lecture.

It’s the same with your target audiences. As much as you can, you want to present the easiest way for them to understand the topic. Give them as many visual and auditory aids as possible.

Also, video content promotes information and brand recall. Statistics show 80 percent of customers remember a video they watched in the last month. Create an interesting explainer video and you get a chance to become unforgettable.

3. What Makes A Good Explainer Video

The attention span of an average person is much shorter than it was decades ago. Thus, your explainer video needs to have only the best of the following aspects:

  • Script
  • Visuals or graphics
  • Voiceover
  • Background music
  • Editing or animation style
  • Subtitles

Your script is the heart of your video. A good, simple script shouldn’t be too long or too short. It needs to be brief enough to keep the viewer interested but long enough to give all the key information.

The voiceover and the music of your video must reflect the tone of the video. If the goal of the video is to evoke emotion from the audience, make sure the music and voiceover bring it out of them. Also, use a good microphone to record your voiceover or risk sounding unprofessional.

The graphics in your video need to be of high quality. If you’re shooting a video, make sure to use a professional camera. Like your audio, you risk looking unprofessional with terrible visuals.

Editing also determines the success of your explainer video. If you’re creating an animated video, make sure the animation style matches your tone and purpose. Note that animated videos are expensive.

For a great example of animated video production, look only to Tech Insider’s “How Deep is the Ocean?” video. Notice how it adds useful scientific information in a striking way. The addition of some famous references is also helpful in helping us understand the ocean’s true depth.

Finally, consider how often videos autoplay without sound. If you plan to upload your video on platforms like Facebook, add subtitles. This way, audiences can watch it without opening the video.

4. How to Make An Explainer Video

Creating an explainer video can be a challenge. You’ll need a good understanding of video production first before you dive into explainer video production. Some of the best explainer videos took careful planning and skillful execution.

Now, talk about how to make explainer videos.

Plan Your Video

As with many things, the first step to creating an explainer video is to plan the video. In this stage, you need to address a few things and have clear answers to a few key questions. The key questions include the following:

What is the purpose of your explainer video? To be specific, what concept or product do you want the video to explain? Also, what are your other goals other than to illuminate your target audience?

Who is your target audience, and what is their typical persona? If you’re selling products, you most likely have a buyer persona in mind. How will you produce the video so that it’s comprehensible to that buyer persona?

How will you produce the video so that it follows and improves marketing with trends?

It’s also vital to ask yourself about the budget and the due date. As much as possible, you don’t want to rush the production of an explainer video. 

Finally, how will you know that the video was a success? Which key performance indicators correspond to your goals? How will you analyze the video to know that it succeeded?

Writing Your Script

First, pick a tone for your explainer video. Do you want it to be funny or serious? When you’ve decided on a tone, write a script that follows this tone.

You don’t need to attend a script-writing course to write a script. You only need to envision how you want your video to turn out. As you imagine the video, write everything down.

Focus on oral language and its natural flow. Remember, you’re not writing a blog post where you can insert complex sentences. You’re writing for a video where sentences are best kept simple and short. 

If you want an example, check out “Just the Cream” by BriefMe for a fascinating script.

Preparing For The Video

If you’re shooting the video, it’s good to have a basic understanding of your camera and how to shoot with it. You don’t need camera tricks or editing secrets. You only need to know about the white balance, aperture, ISO, and such.

Setting up the scene is also important. Your set needs to have proper lighting and good acoustics. Make sure you have the necessary equipment to shoot quality videos.

Take a look at how your explainer will read the script. Their voice, tone, and flow need to be pleasing and interesting. As an example, refer to Dollar Shave Club’s video “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”.

Shooting The Video

If you’re shooting the video yourself, it’ll be smart to take a filmmaking class first. You can learn from online courses as well or refer to YouTube for shooting fundamentals. Take inspiration from Final’s “Take Back Control of Your Credit Card” video.

It’s good to have a couple of cameras rolling so you have a variety of angles to choose from later. It’s also smart to record a scripted video more than once. This way, you can pick from the footage with the best bits and put the cuts together for a great final video.

Organizing And Editing The Video

Now, we get to the boring and tedious part of video production. That is file organization and editing. This bit is easy if you marked the clips with the best readings or shots.

Also, note that editing can make or break your explainer video. Thus, you have to put in as much or more attention to this step.

Choose editing software you’re comfortable with. It also needs a good range and a variety of tools for quality video editing. Try programs like Apple iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro for starters.

Don’t forget about the music and voiceover. Voiceover is very important if you’re shooting with very basic equipment. Remember to encode subtitles for hitting that sweet spot on your site’s autoplay feature.

Uploading Your Video

Now, our last step is to upload your explainer video. Don’t lean back and relax yet. This step seems simple enough but don’t forget about your SEO.

Add keywords in your title, video description, and video tags. Choose a frame or a photo from your video to serve as the thumbnail. Finally, promote it on your social media and/or blog so you get views for all this hard work.

5. Current Explainer Video Trends

Like SEO and other online content, explainer videos also follow trends. If you plan to keep a good video marketing strategy, you need to be aware of these trends. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting left behind in the dust.

Going mobile is one of the trends taking over almost all aspects of online marketing. As mobile becomes a universal tool, more content is becoming mobile-friendly. About 78.4 percent of video viewing occurs via mobile.

It’s unlikely that this trend will take a backward turn. Mobile phones are getting smarter as each year passes by. Make sure to optimize for mobile any type of content you put out on the internet.

The next explainer video trend involves keeping your script simple. Avoid complicated metaphors and stick to easy-to-grasp concepts. This way, your viewers don’t click away and look for something they can comprehend better.

Remember, the point of explainer videos is to make a point clear and comprehensible. 

You’ve heard of the phrase “content is king”. In the current trends, it’s quality content that’s taken over the throne. It’s not enough to upload short videos every day.

Now, you must ensure that the videos you upload are relevant to your audience. Invest in companies that create professional-looking videos or animations. This also applies to other video types you put out. 

6. Explainer Video Production Tips

Preparation is the key to successful explainer video production. Research everything and prepare everything you need before you begin shooting. Before you begin editing, make sure you have all the needed shots and voiceovers.

Don’t forget to measure your explainer video performance. Don’t rest yet once it’s already uploaded on the internet. Knowing how successful your video is will help you understand how you can improve.

Creating excellent explainer videos takes time and experience. If you want to make a bang with your first explainer video, consult a professional. This way, your first video increases your website traffic.

Get More Conversions With Explainer Videos

It can be overwhelming to take this all in so take it step-by-step. That’s it for our guide on explainer video production. We hope this post was educational for all those who want to learn video production.

Have you got any concerns or inquiries? Do you need help with producing explainer videos? Don’t hesitate to talk to us.


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