In 2022, the face of content marketing is changing rapidly. This was partly due to the challenges businesses faced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies had to adapt their content marketing strategies to survive or die amidst this shifting landscape.

Content marketing saw an increase in usage with 82% of businesses opting to use content marketing in recent years. This is a 12% increase from the 70% of companies in 2020. 

 Keeping up-to-date with all of the latest content marketing strategies is crucial. Especially if you want to optimize content and make effective content marketing that stands out from the crowd.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 content marketing strategies of 2022. Want to know more? Then keep reading below to discover additional information on this topic.

1. Video Content Creation Continues to Rise 

With Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, and TikTok Clips, short-form video content creation dominates social media app platforms. With the average attention span dwindling, short and sweet videos that capture attention and catch the eye are the way to go in the modern era. 

Younger generations have laid their claim to digital marketing through these user-generated content platforms. But that hasn’t stopped older generations from jumping on the bandwagon to develop content of their own as well. 

As high as 75% of all Millennials admit to watching video content each day. This makes it a powerful force to be reckoned with for utilizing into content marketing strategies. Video marketing allows you to optimize content and tap into current marketing trends to reach a wider audience of consumers.

Creating brand awareness and making an impression on your target demographic area are key focal points in business. They can also be used by colleges and trade schools.

You want appealing and noticeable content that makes an impact on your brand, no matter what business area you’re in. Video marketing content makes it happen.

2. Utilizing Personalized Content Delivery 

Relying on tailored content through algorithms has become the norm for connecting with the consumers of today. Knowing consumer preferences is an ideal way of connecting with them.

It could be done with movie and TV show recommendations through Netflix or Hulu streaming services. Or by the use of alternative Spotify playlist artists or product recommendations via Amazon.

The creation of consumer profiles allows companies to access and view information such as past order histories, browsing data, streaming history, and viewing and listening preferences. This permits them to customize recommendations to suit their consumers’ liking. 

In the same way, this method can also be used for other content marketing strategies like personalized email newsletters and website content that displays items they may be interested in.

For students of colleges and trade schools, this involves showing returning and potential students classes or programs they may be interested in based on their search history or past enrollment.

You can also see what the most popular searched programs are so you can measure where you have the most interest. Algorithms help you attract potential students and increase your overall enrollment.

3. Implementing Conversational Chat AI Technology

Chatbot technology enables 24-hour, 7-day-a-week support for website visitors. Instead of waiting for normal business hours, consumers can interact with the chatbot to find automated answers to their questions.

Or they can have their questions sent to someone who can get back to them through email, text, or phone call options. In some cases, transfer to a live agent is also possible.

When students visit your college or trade school’s website, a conversational chatbot window will pop up to greet them. It can use a cordial greeting like “Hello, do you have any questions?

I can help you find out more information here.” It may ask for the student’s name to further personalize the chat and make them feel more important. 

The system will use a series of lead-in questions and prompts to narrow down the best possible answer from the information database. Asking for an email or phone number in case the chat gets disconnected can also be a great way to generate leads you can follow up on later on to expand enrollment.

1.4 billion people already use chatbot technology regularly and this number is only expected to rise over time.

4. An Increased Focus on Informational Content Creation

Diverse and engaging content is more important than ever. Informational blog posts are a fantastic way of grabbing attention and driving up a business’s position on a search engine result page (SERP). 

Specific posts that highlight popular sources of data and statistics are preferable. Even more so when you add some of your own data and unique insights to strengthen and optimize content.

This shareable content also creates a link back to your site which can attract visitors. While there, they will be able to view other posts and learn more about your organization.  

A trade school or university can use this to their advantage as one of their content marketing strategies. Inquisitive students are always trying to find relevant and informative data online. Having all of the research available in a central post for easy viewing puts your educational institution at the forefront of search data.

Potential students will see you as an authority on information and insight. They will be more likely to check out the courses and programs you offer while on your site. This will garner more interest and help boost enrollment. 

5. Using SEO for Content Creation

A website’s search rankings online aren’t just randomized or dumb luck. They are actually the result of a strategic use of keywords and phrases. These keywords, when used in conjunction with content creation for websites like blog posts, will allow for a more organic form of promotion for your website in search results. 

Researching popular or trending keywords and phrases to use in these posts increases your search ranking in Google search engine results. This is known as (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. 

In addition to trending topics, you should also research related search terms. Take it a step further by including topics that have a possibility of becoming trending terms in the near future. Staying ahead of potential trends will ensure that you have a sturdier foothold in maintaining your Google search ranking over time. 

For your trade school or university, make your content relevant to topics your student demographic will be the most likely to search for. With the right balance of SEO keywords and search terms, along with content creation through blog posting, your higher education site will achieve an elevated natural search rank.

6. Reworking Existing Content for SEO

If you already have an existing blog but you aren’t getting the results you want from it, it may be time to re-write it. What once worked at one time may no longer fit the criteria for effective content marketing and search ranking results. With the uptick in digital marketing trends, it is necessary to optimize your content along with these changes.

If you don’t understand how to use SEO, there are many marketing agencies who will help you create the targeted campaigns you want to effectively optimize content for you. With SEO, you can target areas like specific demographics, geographical locations, or specific areas of study that help you narrow down your potential post reach. 

For students searching for a prospective school, they may use a particular field of study in their search terms or a distinct type of school, like a vocational school. Using the right search terms in your reworked blog post content will ensure they will see your school’s blog post topics come up in their search results. They will be more easily able to connect with your school as a result.

7. Podcasting Is a Huge Content Marketing Trend

Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. With so many podcasts in so many different areas of interest, they are prime examples of content marketing strategies that work.

Podcasts are generally long-form informational or interview-style audio talk shows. They cover a multitude of topics like:

  • true crime
  • technology
  • actors
  • musicians
  • comedians
  • health and beauty
  • finance

There are easily hundreds more topics to choose from. Some podcasts come accompanied by video formats as well.

Podcasts are ideal for people who want to listen to an interview on their favorite subject or feature their favorite celebrity in some capacity. They may have guest hosts and special guests appearing each week.

Businesses sponsor a podcast in exchange for an advertising spot on the podcast’s broadcast. With potentially millions of listeners in any given genre of podcast subject matter today, it is an impactful way to connect to listeners in the same way video content does. 

For your trade school or other educational organization, you can choose to start your own podcast or help sponsor one that gets a high volume of monthly listeners.

8. Concentrating on Branding and Influencer Partnerships

Celebrity and non-celebrity endorsements alike can help increase the number of brand impressions a business gets. It is part of a collaborative effort for content marketing strategies.

Influencers receive compensation for plugging a brand on their social media account’s follower base. Those with high follower counts within a set demographic are the most ideal for their promise of hitting a big market.

Social media has been proven to be a great form of advertising and promoting a brand. User-created content is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. It has a more organic feel, even when the influencer is openly promoting a product or brand.

While Instagram still has the highest focus of influencer marketers, TikTok is projected to overtake both Facebook and YouTube in the near future. Instagram boasts impressive results with 93% of influencer marketing campaigns taking place on its platform of over 1 billion active users. Instagram saw a 50% increase in content creation due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

If you decide to use an influencer to promote your educational institution, you should make sure that their viewpoints and beliefs align with the vision and mission statement of your brand first.

9. E-mail Marketing Is Still a Gold Standard

E-mail marketing is a preferred form of bringing traffic to your website, as well as creating and following up on leads. Businesses use e-mail as their mainstay of content marketing strategies because it is a tried and true method. Keep your customers and clients up-to-date with promotional offers and informative e-mail newsletters.

E-mail signups on websites give businesses a vital lead for any possible fresh customer contacts. They open up a door for sharing further information on a product, service, or new business brand.

Using video content with these e-mails taps into another of the content marketing strategies mentioned at the top of this post. It’s a combined effort with two effective methods.

Of course, this form of content marketing is also optimal for use by your college, vocational, or trade school organization. You can use e-mail content marketing to promote new classes and programs you’re offering.

You can also send out polls and surveys to gather data on areas of improvement. Or use e-mail to find out the aspects of your school that your students are the most interested in.

10. Improving LinkedIn Post Engagement 

LinkedIn is the professional networking equivalent site of Facebook. People use it for job openings, business promotion, and sharing industry news.

LinkedIn also offers a more organic reach for content marketing strategies. Facebook limits its organic post capabilities unless the page pays to boost the post.

You can focus on showcasing your company’s reputation and history. All while having the added bonus of creating informative content.

Viral posts on LinkedIn have the capacity to reach 260 million active monthly users. LinkedIn allows you to repost your blog content directly as an article versus only being able to share the link on other social media sites.

Students researching a school’s credentials will often look to its LinkedIn profile to see the impact it has. Posting thoughtful content here is an effective way to stand out from the competition.

The LinkedIn profile of your school may appeal to students. This could be beneficial if they are deciding between two or more colleges, trade schools, or vocational training programs. 

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