Did you know that blogging has a lot of benefits for your business?

Whether you offer HVAC repairs, dog food, or dating services, a blog is now a necessity to keep your business site alive and visible. After all, B2B marketers receive around 67% more leads with their blogs. If you maintain a blog, most of the time all you need to spend is your time.

If you’re wondering how to market your blog, you can use the following tips to get more views. There’s more to business marketing than using autoresponders, so read on.

1. Start With Quality

Blog marketing starts by having great content. Quality blog posts are important to ensure that you get a greater amount of traffic. It’s not enough to publish fresh content since the free content is available everywhere on the internet.

Your content needs to be awesome to get visitors more engaged. The best way to do this is to cover new topics. If there aren’t any now, you can try covering existing topics better than your competitors. It’s best if you can write the topic in new ways.

2. Share on Social Media

Whenever you publish new content, make sure you share it on social media. It’s best if you share it on both your business page and personal account. The most important platform you need to get into is Facebook since it has 2.2 billion active users.

Mixing blog and marketing involves growing your social media community. Make sure you share content in a more consistent manner. You can try sharing it once a week or month to get the maximum organic reach.

3. Build an Email List

The best time to build an email list is now. Sending promotional emails to your subscribers will cause them to unsubscribe. To make them stay, give value in between sales pitches and give them interesting blog posts.

Having an email list gets potential customers to visit your website. Your audience is more likely to share your content on social media. This will expand your reach and get more people on-board with your brand.

4. Do Outreach

If you don’t maintain a social media presence or an email list, the best alternative is to captivate other people’s audience. There are some bloggers or influencers out there that can give you their email list. Ask and it’s possible that they’ll give it without charging you.

Make a list of people you can get interested in the content you make. Check for potential audiences and contact them. The worst that can happen is them declining the offer, but it’s worth the effort once they agree.

5. Create Link Bait

You can work the outreach within your content by featuring other influencers and bloggers. Making this type of content attracts links through the flattery of those mentioned. These influencers are more likely to share your blog post on their website or social media account.

The best way to do this is by writing topics about them and link their website. If you can convince them, you can get them to contribute to your website. Most of them are experts, so your topics get better and more authoritative.

6. Guest Posting

Another way how to market a blog is to publish a post on another blog. It’s an alternative method of getting their audience to your website blog. The guest posting method helps get your name out in the open and drive traffic.

What you need to remember is to select the right blog to target the right audience. Make a topic that you can relate to your business and the people you want to convert. Give a couple of links back to your website.

7. Comment on Other Blogs

Do you want to build relationships with other bloggers? Commenting on their blogs will make them notice you while placing yourself in front of their target audience. Give helpful and insightful comment posts so people have a better impression of your blog and business.

You can link related blog posts on your website when commenting. Everyone will most likely click it and check your website out for more information. That way, people follow you because of your authority.

8. Join in Forums

Another offsite means of promoting your blog is becoming an active part of a forum. A lot of these sites allow people to talk about certain subjects. Like commenting on blogs, you can join in and add more value to conversations by being helpful.

This can help draw other people’s attention to your blog. The more helpful you are, the more likely it is for them to become followers. Make sure to include a link to your blog when you reply to forum questions.

9. Use Social Lockers

Encourage your readers to share your posts when they read it using social lockers. These things hide a part of your content. To read the entirety of the post, they need to share it on social media platforms.

What this means for you is that you can get people who really support your content. It’s a good way for you to share relevant downloads and other useful resources while getting more exposure.

10. Run Contests and Promos

Promoting your blog becomes easier if you run some contests or giveaways. There are lots of apps out there that can host the contest within your website. Potential participants can gain entries using a lot of ways:

  • Blog comments
  • Social media shares
  • Email list signups

This helps drive more traffic or build the community foundation, so you get more traffic in the future. For this to work, you need to make the price look worth getting. Make it exciting to the people you want to stay.

For example, you can give your products away as the prize. Never give money as a prize since it will attract the wrong crowd.

11. Post on Reddit

Reddit has around 330 million active users. It’s much higher than the total users in Twitter, making it the sixth most-visited website in the world. The best way to do this is to find subreddits related to your blog and start joining in the discussions.

Whenever you post something new, share it in relevant subreddits. Don’t drop a link alone and expect people to come flocking to your website. Start a discussion and be as helpful as you can to those who join.

12. Go to Facebook Groups

If you aren’t a member of groups related to your business, now is the time to join one. It won’t take long since all you need to do is to search and find groups with a high member count. Reading the people’s posts will give you an idea of the topics your community needs.

Once complete, you can share it in these groups. You’ll have a willing audience that can offer you insight based on the quality of your posts. Keep in mind that these groups have rules, so make sure to follow them no matter what.

13. Submit to Content Curators

A lot of websites out there help curate content on specific topics. Most of these websites use an upvote-downvote system to know which posts are popular. Don’t forget to share your blog posts if you find websites like these.

Take advantage of websites that curate posts from any niche. You’ll still benefit most when you post on websites that share content relevant to your industry. After all, it attracts audiences interested in products and services you offer.

14. Syndicate Your Blog

Guest posting allows you to make new content for other websites. If you don’t have time to do this, it’s possible to publish your existing posts on other blogs. This process is content syndication.

There are a lot of websites out there that can syndicate your blog. You can opt to share it on websites that specialize in topics within your industry. There are some general websites out there that can cater to your posts too, such as LinkedIn.

When you make these posts, make sure to include links to your website. With great content, you can encourage your readers to click your content and read more.

BONUS: Use SEO and Video Content

Think about search engine optimization (SEO) when making your content. Look for the right keywords and put them into the title and important parts of the body. It’s best to optimize for the Google search engine since it has 90% of the market.

As for video content, always ask people to subscribe to your active channel at the end of the video. Track how people respond to the video campaign and adjust according to it.

Learn How to Market Your Blog Today!

Blogging takes time. There are a lot of things that you need to do to ensure it takes off without a hitch. If you aren’t careful enough, you risk not attracting people to your business.

The best way to know how to market your blog is to get the help of experts. Contact us today if you need help with your SEO and content marketing needs. We have the right expertise to ensure your success in the industry.


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